Learn How Three Law Firms Have Implemented Real‑time Feedback


Three law firms implemented viReal-Time Feedback as their real-time feedback solution

Learn about the value of:

  • Having the ability to provide instantaneous feedback to associates on matters they worked on
  • Giving associates and staff the opportunity to course-correct by receiving timely feedback based on key triggers like hours worked
  • Associates being able to request feedback on a matter using their mobile device
  • Enabling the implementation of a real-time feedback system in your own firm and creating key workflows to review and approve feedback

Lawyers work on high-profile matters and projects throughout the year. Yet over the course of that year, associates often only receive feedback one time - during their annual performance reviews. This feedback gap creates unnecessary risk, risking both the success of the client work and the associate's career development. Many firms ask: what can we do better?



The answer is real-time feedback; a hot topic in professional development. Real-time feedback enables firms to provide associates feedback while they’re working on a matter - enabling real-time course-correction. The result is higher quality client service, greater satisfaction & performance among associates, and leads to increased lawyer retention rates.


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